Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The many faces of Lincoln...

Linc likes to make "silly faces" (well, it comes out "dilly daces" in Lincoln-ese). Every time I snap a picture of this boy he poses. I often don't remember to specifically tell him to "be normal", so he will be silly. Most of our recent family pictures have him posing crazy while the rest of us are smiling, completely oblivious to his antics. Here are a few funny ones that I recently downloaded. Notice that he loves to give thumbs-up to the camera.

I claim no part in this getup he is wearing.

I saved the best for last!


Laurel Baker said...

That is TOO FUNNY, Amber! I LOVE the "thumbs up" thing! He is so cute!

Liz said...

Ha ha! Awesome! Lincoln sure is a character!!

tessa said...

The last one really is the best. Great to see you guys. Let's do it again.

Bill and Laurie Wilson said...

Your family is growing fast. So is it easier with girls or boys? The boys must keep you laugh by these pictures. The girls so beautiful like you. Sorry to miss you at Gram and Pa's. Don't get to see family much anymore but I think of you all often. Not sure were life will lead us when Bill retires, don't think we will be heading to any big city. We love were we live but not being close to family makes it hard. Love ya, Auntie Laurie

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