Friday, December 12, 2008

Pictures in my camera...

So my mother tells me that her favorite thing about blogs is the pictures, and since my mom truly does always know best, here is a post for her! Keep in mind, I have not downloaded pictures from my camera since Halloween!

Our Halloween was a fun spectacle of non-stop candy, various parties, and lots of fun. Here is a pic of me and the kids right before the candy begging began:

Linc was a soccer player (I believe that he just scored a goal in this picture, thatta boy!)

Anna was the lovely Giselle from Enchanted

Our sweet little Blondie was a Purple Princess (a tad generic, but purple is a lovely color right??

Moving on to Thanksgiving now, we drove out to Gold Canyon to spend thanksgiving with Randy's family. It was a great day of yummy food, lots of family, and a few wild games of Spoons. The kids were busy all day playing...we had a great time.

Randy and Linc with Mom & Dad McBride

Grandmother reading to the kiddos...this is the only time they sat still all day!

That evening after the Thanksgiving fiesta was over, we drove to my parents cabin in Pine. The kids (ok, mainly my "little" brother Dennis) were insistent on finding snow. Much to my surprise, we actually found a lot of snow and managed to take pictures and do a bit of playing.

Hallie had a great time building this lovely snowman...

Hallie had an even better time pushing the snowman over...poor snow guy

My brother Dennis had the best time trying to throw the snowdudes body on Hallie...

A poem for my honey-I love to hug you in the snow, in the rain, or on a train...

A poem for my baby sister............. Just kidding, I only write one poem per day. However, it would be fun to be a cute 16 year old again, for maybe just a day.

And lastly, a pic of my cute, chubby, baby with sweet little cheeks that I love to smooch...

This is Linc tuckered out after playing in the snow. I use the word playing very loosely, it appears that our little guy doesn't like to be he was passed from warm adult to warm adult the whole time. Its a rough life. Oh...and Linc's New Years Resolution is to get rid of his Paci...pray for us people!!!

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