Friday, January 23, 2009


Tonight my parents are keeping the kids overnight so that Randy and I can celebrate our 7th year Anniversary. Thats right folks...not only have we been married for 7 years, but we will be free from all of our baby baggage from 3:45 Friday afternoon until about 9:30 Saturday morning. Thats over 17 hours! We plan on going out to dinner AND going to a movie (we never, ever get to do both...there is only enough time on our dates to do one or the other, but tonight we will indulge!). We also have grand plans of sleeping in...although I can garauntee you that we will wake up at 6am because that is when Little Buddy always makes his morning shout-out. I am so excited to be out with Mr. Wonderful, he who grows more wonderful to me with each passing year. Here is what I will NOT have to do tonight: Pack a diaper bag, wipe anyones nose, make multiple tripts to the Princesses chamber to give drinks, kisses, books, warnings, stern-talking-to's, etc., or chase Linc with a diaper as he runs away from me naked (that kid is wicked fast). All I have to worry about tonight is having fun with my favorite guy. Now that I can handle!!

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I am a stay at home mom of 4 beautiful, energetic children. Anna is 6, Hallie is 5, Linc is 3 and Port is our newest addition. Randy and I have been married for 8 years and love every minute that we get together.