Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Church Clothes

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love dressing my kids for church. There is something about buying new dresses for my typically-slightly-disheveled daughters that makes me happy. I love going to every store I can think of to find the right colors & fabrics. I love the dresses that tie in a big bow in the back and poof out when my girls sink to the floor. I enjoy putting pretty little things in their hair, and slipping their white stocking feet into brand new shiny white shoes that they are convinced are for tap dancing! New dresses are a big part of the Easter celebration for me.

This year, however, I was able to buy a new article of clothing for one of my little rugrats. A tie!! I never, ever, thought I would have so much fun perusing the small assortment of ties at The Childrens Place...looking for the perfect one to match his little navy pants (no pleats, thank you). I don't think I have ever laid eyes on such a handsome little 10 month old. He is the perfect cross between all baby and little old man. There are no bows to tie, no hair to fuss over. But nothing could be more perfect than my little man.
Will they let me dress them for church forever?? I hope so!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hello friends!

Hey guys....I finally decided to start my own blog. I have always worried that if I start a blog I will spend too much time reading everyone elses interesting blogs and forget about my kids, the house, and all of the other more important things in my life. So if any of you notice my children without shoes on or my house in complete chaos, please, PLEASE steal my computer cord and never return it!!

Here goes blogging!!

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