Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The many faces of Lincoln...

Linc likes to make "silly faces" (well, it comes out "dilly daces" in Lincoln-ese). Every time I snap a picture of this boy he poses. I often don't remember to specifically tell him to "be normal", so he will be silly. Most of our recent family pictures have him posing crazy while the rest of us are smiling, completely oblivious to his antics. Here are a few funny ones that I recently downloaded. Notice that he loves to give thumbs-up to the camera.

I claim no part in this getup he is wearing.

I saved the best for last!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The last few months have been a blur of fun, holiday time together. I am finally getting back to my normal life (still crazy, but a more manageable crazy!). Here are some pics to catch you up on what we have been doing.

My beautiful baby is crawling everywhere, can pull up to furniture and cruise along it! He laughs like crazy at his big brother and sisters and enjoys waking us up in the middle of the night. We are all suckers for this guy!

My beautiful Freckles shaking up a bag of Muddy Buddies. She has become quite the helper at home. She is always willing to help with cooking, chores, or helping with Port. YAY for oldest daughters!

Here are the kids in their matching Christmas PJ's. I actually made the pants...yes all 4 pairs! Anna and Linc are sad because they both wanted to hold Port. As you can see by Hallie's huge smile, she got to hold the little guy this time around.

My beautiful Blondie turned 6. Here she is ready for her Princess party. She had a great birthday and really enjoyed all of the attention.

This is Linc on his first day of Primary. I actually got to be there to see how he did (I was substituting for another class). He was extremely well behaved and happy. We are so proud of him and tell him everyday to stop growing up!!

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