Monday, June 14, 2010

Sisterly Love

The other night Anna came running in to tell me some serious news. Hallie had called her a "twert".

Anna was deeply offended by this.

I hope "twert" is all they are calling each other when they are teenagers...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wrapping up May...

Our little buddy Linc turned 3 yesterday. It is amazing how much we love him and his personality. He got a big boy bike for his birthday, and of course the "bad guys" and "guns" that he has been begging for!

Anna lost her first tooth a week ago. She enjoyed losing it (and the subsequent tooth fairy visit) SO much that she is now convinced that every tooth is loose and is constantly asking us to wiggle them!

Hallie learned to ride her bike without training wheels. She is also our biggest helper with Port...she can smell a poopy diaper from across the room! She loves to hold him and help with him. She informed me that she wants to be a "nurse for babies" when she grows up...instead of a Princess.

Port is now 7 weeks old. His 2 heart murmurs are believed to have closed up (yay!). He is gaining weight and eating well. We enjoy his smiles and coo's...and are hoping that someday soon he will sleep better at night and scream less during the day :).

And, to celebrate Memorial Day, the kiddos dressed up!

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