Monday, May 18, 2009

Bye Bye Boys!

Last weekend was our ward's Father & Sons. Randy has been looking forward to this weekend our whole marriage, but every year he has never had anyone to take! When my girls were a reasonable age, we discussed sending them in hats but chickened out. Finally we had Little Buddy! Since Linc is almost 2, we decided that this year would be the magical year. So the two of them packed (it is unbelievable to me how few things 2 guys need for a campout!). I told Randy what I always knew I would say on their first sojourn away from me together "Please don't lose him".

I had a GREAT time with my girls. I told them that they had 2 options for our evening. Here were their choices:

a.) Go see the Hannah Montana movie at the theater (we NEVER go to movies, unless you count Redbox!)
b.) Go to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner, and then get a girly movie to watch at home.

These girls are more like me than I thought, because they both chose SweetTomatoes! I was elated...I love that place. We had a lovely time, and were lucky to have my Mom come along for the ride since her boys were on their campout too. We came home and watched a fantastic princess movie, stayed up late, ate popcorn and even broke out some Root Beer. Our girl bonding time was priceless...I just enjoy them so much!

Mr.Wonderful returned home (Linc made it too!)...their first campout was as memorable as our first girls night. We look forward to next year!

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