Thursday, March 10, 2011

11 months

Our little guy is growing so quickly. Here are a few recent shots:

First time in the swing at the park. He liked it, but then when Anna pushed him way too high he LOVED it!

I like this picture because it showcases his fat feet. Yum!

His absolute favorite toy is this walker.

Guess who discovered the cereal cupboard?

So very proud of his work.

Bubba no more...

Linc has been our slowest child at speaking and still struggles with it. He started speech therapy in October and it has been awesome to see his improvements. This month, the speech therapist enrolled him in a developmental preschool class. He LOVES it! I was sad to see my little buddy go, and of course a few tears were shed over his big boy status. His favorite part of the day is snack time, and he doesn't ever remember what he learns or what his friends names are either. But...maybe with time he will realize that his name is actually Lincoln, not Bubba!

Snowy Presidents Day

We were lucky to be able to go up north to my parents cabin for Presidents Day this year. And it snowed. The whole time!

Linc in his big jacket. He loves the fringed hood.

Port wasn't so sure about the snow, but he put up with his mom making him sit in it for a photo.

The girls were actually old enough to sled on their own and they had a great time.

Valentine's Day

We had a fun Valentines Day this year. I was able to go to both of the girls class parties. It was so much fun to watch them celebrate with their friends.

The kids are always lucky to get spoiled by our extended family. They received TWO packages in the mail...they were so very excited about that. Here is a picture of Anna eating a giant sucker that their Aunt Marlena sent them. They also got goodies from Grandma McBride and Grandma Smith.

Anna SUPER excited at her class party.

Linc was able to decorate a cookie at Hallie's party (which avoided an inevitable meltdown). He was so happy to be a big kid!

Hallie with her valentine mailbox.

I realized that I never got a picture with MY valentine on lovers day. Whats that about?? I love you honey...maybe next year :)

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