Friday, December 18, 2009

It's meant to be...

Boxes are meant to be sat in.

Crazy rain outfits are meant to be thought up.

Bowls are meant to be licked.

My life is meant to be with his.


Gretchen said...

What a cute family!! Hope you have a merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!!

Liz Weed said...

I love you guys! Gosh! We can't wait to see you next week!! I love Anna's rainy day outfit. Benny and Linc have the same plaid shirt. Maybe we can get a "twinsie" picture of the two of them :)

tessa said...

I'm glad you're back in the land of blogging. Stay for awhile:) We missed you.

Machelle said...

its great to see your little family thats growing. ;o)

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