Friday, March 6, 2009

Anna decided that she wanted to organize her jewelry box this afternoon. Such a fun task for a 5 year old! So we lugged it off her shelf, and she spent a good 15 minutes separating all of her baubles. Bracelets in one pile, necklaces in the next, rock collection in the third pile (didn't see that one coming, did ya?). My important task was to untangle all of the things that were stuck together. When it was all done she invited me to come see.

With her jewelry box

Her necklace drawer

My favorite part...her treasures. A Dora watch, a Hannah Montana lip gloss, a dollar bill, and a Jesus pass-along card. I love this girl!


Machelle said...

Ahh, I love that girl too. I miss her. She sure is growing up.

The Lee Clan said...

How sweet! I wish that all of my girls where organized, so far I only have one.

Trevor said...

Way to go Anna! Wish I had a dollar in MY jewelry box :)


The Higgins Family said...

Aw, sweet little girl. :)
I look forward to our "someday" days of pink and beads.

Jared and Bryanne said...

It is amazing how much Anna looks like you! I've been meaning to write back and say hi for forever. It's great to hear from you. XO, Bryanne

Brandon and Alyssa said...

Holy cow Amber! your kids are so stinking cute! and they have grown up so much!!!

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