Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am thankful for 3 little faces to kiss each morning. I am thankful for chubby little toddler hands, for the opportunity to teach those hands how to hold a spoon, a crayon, play pat-a-cake. I am grateful for the sounds of my babies playing, and singing, and laughing. I am grateful to be home all day to cook, and clean, and kiss, and hug. I am grateful for dirty hands, feet and faces that have enjoyed the beautiful earth we have been given. I am grateful for bath water splashed everywhere in the bathroom, and the sudsy smiles that greet me. I am thankful for the memories I make everyday with these little souls who will only be little for an instant.


brianne said...

AMEN!! :)

The Higgins Family said...

Well said and amen to that. :)

Jesika said...

You said it perfectly! :o)

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