Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sick days....

So my little Linc has been running a fever for a few days, and thanks to a great doctor friend we don't think that he has an ear infection. On top of that, Hallie girl was quite cranky this morning (tantrums galore, are we still 2? I think not!) finally I realized that she had joined her brother on the dark side with a fever. Anna came home from school (I figured that she and I would team up and nurse our little babies back to health)...sure enough by 3:30 she was laying on the couch with a fever. Talk about wild. This is my first experience of having all 3 of my children sick at once. Lets just say that I was quite glad to have Randy home at 5:15. However wild it was, there are a few good things about the little guys being sick:

- I didn't have to cook dinner...Mr. Wonderful felt so bad for me he bought me Taco Del Mar....yum!
- The kids were begging to go to sleep by 6:30...Randy and I actually got to snuggle and watch a new show that came on at 7:00 (Fringe)
- I got to hold my kids more than I normally do. There is nothing that tugs on my heart like a little warm body in my arms
- The kids didn't drag out as many toys as the typically do this afternoon (lets be honest, less mess is always a good thing)

As wonderful as all of these things are, I am sad that the little munchkins are sick. It was odd not to hear the giggles, to have nobody begging for a snack, to not have to race someone to the phone when it rang...they all just layed around and watched me. Hopefully this setback will be shortlived and we will be back to the normal chaos soon...I will keep you posted!


Liz's Blog said...

Give him lots of kisses from us! I hope he gets better soon! Miss you!

Susan said...

So rough to have all your kids sick! But, yes, there are positive things to get from it - you don't have to feel guilty plopping them in front of lots of movies and they are so much more mellow. :)

Frost Family said...

I love your positive spin on the kids being sick! When Nathan was sick last weekend he wanted me to hold him and he actually fell asleep in my arms...when is that EVER going to happen again?!?! Probably never...so sweet! Hope Anna's back to school soon.

Tara said...

Hey Amber!!! I love/hate it when my kids are sick like that, too! Hope they all are feeling better. So fun to see your pic's and read up on your fam! Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

I have a love/hate relationship with sick days, too. I love that Grace is so calm and wants me to hold her. Sometimes she'll even sleep in my arms! On the other hand, it's so sad to see her so miserable and lifeless. Hope everyone is healthy soon!
PS I might be going over to my mom's in a couple of weeks. If so, I definitely want to get together!

Liz and Trevor Weed said...

Enough about the sick kids... I have never heard of this "Taco del mar" place... we must hear more about that...ok just kidding. No one's that heartless. Hope the little cuties are feeling better by now. Let's talk this week! hang in there.

<3 ya

Julianne said...

Hey Amber- I'm glad I came across your blog! Your kids are so cute! I hope this "sick season" is a lot better for you- remember last year I ran into you at the Dr. office!?! That was a horrible "season" for us too! AND, I cant believe Anna is in kindergarten!

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