Sunday, July 13, 2008

Run baby run

The last few days it has been quite stormy and raining a lot here in the Phoenix desert....which has been a much needed break from the HOT summer that we are in the middle of. It started pouring this afternoon and the girls quickly decided that they would die of heartbreak if they didn't get to play in it. So of course, I sent them out front and watched from the dry doorway! Lincoln was watching and wanted to get in on the action and before I could stop him he was out in it.

I wasn't really expecting him to like the rain, but he loved it. We put his shoes on and next thing I knew he was down our driveway and trucking it down the sidewalk. I did what any great mom would do...sent Randy out in the rain to go get him (but I snapped a quick picture of his getaway first!).
After Randy brought him back, he was very intrigued with catching raindrops in his hand.

Here is attempt #2 of catching an elusive raindrop for the Lincolnator.

Rain in Phoenix is a big family event, we all ended up wet but with big smiles on our faces!

I also wanted to give a little shout-out to my sweet Randy...his birthday is today! I love you honey and am so grateful for all that you do for us!


The Frosts said...

My kids HAD to go out in the rain yesterday lasted long enough for Allana to start digging in the mud and Nathan saw a "dragonfly" and came banging on the window to come inside. Personally, I don't like the rain! No wonder I've been in a bad mood the past couple days.

The Lee Clan said...

I love the rain! Wish that I had let the girls out in it. Next time!

Susan said...

I love it when it rains here! I feel like it's never a small amount of rain when it finally comes - it always seems to come in big gushes of water... Emma spent some time in the water as well - she said it felt like a shower. ;)

Anonymous said...

He looks just like you, Amber!

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