Thursday, June 19, 2008

Veggie Tales.....

So one of the things I have looked forward to after finally getting a house was having a vegetable garden. Back in February we started planting in our dirt backyard (yes, we have a garden but still no grass! Someday...). We planted watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes, radishes, and one mystery plant (the verdict is still out on that one, I will keep you posted). It has truly been the best family project. The kids love to be out there poking around and Randy is reliving his childhood growing up on a farm. I find a lot of happiness knowing that we are growing cheap, organic, healthy snacks for all of the little munchkins running underfoot! Here are some pics of our successes:

My cute little gardeners

My cute big gardener

Watermelon....this one was picked a little too early but we are still proud of it!

Did you know that green bell peppers turn red when left too long on the plant? Yum!


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! We are renting a house right now, but when we're ready to buy again, we are really hoping to plant a garden.

Meghan said...

Oh I am so glad that you are doing a garden! We have a small one in our backyard too! We grew watermellon last year, but the plant got way too big. How fun!

Liz's Blog said...

Hey girlie! I am so proud of you!!!! Way to go on your garden! I did get your message this week. I tried calling you back but your line was busy and I haven't had a chance to try again...sorry. I have been super busy and had a heavy heart. One of the women I visit teach lost her baby girl, 1 yrs old, to drowning this week. The funeral was today for her sweet angel. She has been amazingly strong and has blogged/ journaled everything about the accident and every day since then...if you want to read and leave a comment on her blog...its her lifeline to the world right now...go to my blog page and click on Stephanie's blog and read her past enteries since the drowning accident which happened last Friday. I'll try calling you tomorrow, if not, call me! I love you tons...Since going to the funeral today I just want to hug Jacob forever, so do me a favor and give your kids extra loves today. Our children are so special. XOXO

Emily said...

That is really cool that you guys were able to plant a garden, we need to come and see your house sometime too.

The Davis's said...

Good job on the garden. We tried to do one but jason had sprayed the yard with this stuff that kills the weed seeds before they grow so when we tried to plant everything came up crazy. Like our corn. It looked like regular corn, but if you opened it up there was nothing inside. It was nothing like yours. Way to go!

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